Great Prices and People, Family Owned and Operated
Great prices and people
The absolute worst person to deal with is the owner Mike he rebuilt my transmission 10,000 miles ago have had nothing but problems with since. I took it back to him on a few different occasions to know avail went back today and he told me he was not going to fix the problem and to kick rocks the threw a beer at my truck
Our truck stopped shifting gears on the freeway, so we came to Horns automotive and transmission repair to have our transmission rebuilt. They are amazing. They went above and beyond for us. They drove us to the bank, and to a hotel to stay for the night. When we came back in the morning, they offered us a ride to go gwt some food for breakfast. I felt like i was bwing treated like one of their family. He got my truck done in less than 24 hours so we werent stuck away from home for too long. I highly recommend this shop to anyone with vehicle needs. He does much more than just transmissions. And they dont charge an arm and a leg for top quality work.